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Golden Days, Golden Guests!

Have you ever been to a Wedding, Birthday or other celebration and felt excluded because of the music on offer?

How many times have you made your excuses and left early because the music was not right for you?

We carry a vast range of music, and we have the expertise to make it work, at DJ Diana M we believe it is very important to entertain all the guests at your event, to give them something they will remember for ever.

This is not difficult, all that is needed is the simple recognition that the older guests have lived a life punctuated with music.

  • The generation that was ripping out cinema seats to Bill Hayley in the early ‘50s are now in their late 70s and early 80s.
  • The girls in the beehives and heels foot tapping in the record shops to The Supremes in the early ‘60s and the earnest young men carrying an album to a friend’s house are now in their 60s.
  • The generation that launched the disco era are now all over 50!

We will always pitch our offering to the age range at the party, while recognising that a club mix will not work at your Grandad’s 90th Birthday!!

We delight in older birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and reunions and we delight in entertaining

The Golden Guests